Patch 1.2.3 is on it's way!

Patch 1.2.3

The new patch is on it's way and I expect it to go live around a week from this post. It features awesome quality of life updates listed below, however for a quick version here is the video.

Please note: As we do more frequent smaller patches we will also try to produce a content video a long side it.


-In game options added for : Resolution, Music levels, SFX levels, Quality options for High and Low end systems.

-Exiting the game can now be done by pressing the Escape key and going through the menu to do so.(Ability to F1 exit has been removed)

-Closing the game will now be instant and no longer cause a few seconds lock as everything was saving.

-In game Auto Saver now saves only on spare frames you have and with the maximum time of 10 seconds so you no longer have to worry about it.

-Skip intro cinematic added.

-Elemental Heights zone updated.

-Some minerals are now less scarce in certain zones.

Hopefully everyone enjoys the patch as much as we are and we can't wait to show you whats coming next.

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