Previous Patch Notes(OLD)

This are the patch notes from much older patches all the way to the first current playable version on

Patch 0.1.25b

Multiple fixes have been introduced to the game.

Many back end systems have been added to help with performance issues.

Patch 0.1.25

The new zone Elemental Heights is now live, including new creatures/items/crafting

We wont list everything for this patch as it's a content patch so go explore and have fun!

Patch 0.1.2

With the previous patch fixing a lot of errors, this patch is all about laying the foundation for our new content and getting ready for what is coming. With that in mind we have added several new features to the game. Most importantly the mail system can now be used by pressing the R key. This patch focuses on more quality of life features. That being said, we will be having an additional patch next week on 12/5/2017 which will add a good chunk of content including the long awaited new zone and creatures.

-Mail can now be read using the R key

-Money now saves between save files

-Additional items added

-Aiming has been completely re done and should now feel much more accurate

-Miners have now been changed(You can build 2 at a time and how they work had changed)

-Added warning texts when crafting

-Added a skip option to the intro

-Updated Forest Effects

-Bun Buns should no longer fly out the map

-Bun Buns movements now changed

-Barrel Icons should now load when game loads*FIX*

-Fertiliser is now used up when farming

-Saving/Loading Improved

-New farming recipes added

-Ores now spawn around the world

-Creatures food tables updated

-Re designed the back end system for crafting(this will allow us to create new crafts much quicker than before)

-Foundation layed out for next weeks HUGE content patch 12/5/2017

We will be doing a patch every second week after this until our Beta at the end of August.

Patch 0.1.1

Being the initial patch after launch on the 12th we have a lot of fixes and content coming it's way. Here is a list of some of the things coming in Patch 0.1.1.

-Upgrade Station Rework(you can still build it but it won't do anything currently)

-Additional Sounds Added

-Additional items

-Monsters lose aggro on death correctly now *Fix*

-Icedrop crater Updated(creatures and food)

-Working Farm Plots

-New hit effect when you take damage

-Gurok Flame Pit Opened

-Slowed hit rate from creatures when taking damage

-Text should wrap properly for items now *Fix*

-Working Miner bot

-Poo & Berries now not longer stuck in mid air when removed from barrels *Fix*

-Saving/Loading Improved

-Experience now gained when farming something new

We will be doing a patch every second week after this until our Beta at the end of August.

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Nov 06, 2017

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